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N E W M E D i A & S O C i E T Y
New Media & Society is an international journal published by Sage, Ltd., which seeks to contribute to the social, cultural and political understanding of new media and information technologies. It draws its contributions from those whose work focuses on the implications of media and information technology change for communication, organisation, and experience in societies - within institutions and among individuals.


D i G I T A L F O r M A T I O N S
Digital Formations is a source for critical, well-written books about digital technologies and modern life. Books in the series break new ground by emphasizing multiple methodological and theoretical approaches to probe the formation and re-formation of lived experience as it is refracted through digital interaction. Each volume will push forward our understanding of the intersections, and corresponding implications, between the digital technologies and everyday life.



M U S i C / M e A N i N G S
Popular music plays a prominent role in the cultural transformations reshaping our world. More and more, music is at the center of contemporary debates about globalization, electronic commerce, space and locality, style and identity, subculture and community, and other key issues within cultural and media studies. Music/Meanings offers books that examine the impact of popular music on individuals, cultures and societies. The series addresses popular music as a form of communication and culture, from an interdisciplinary perspective, to interest readers from across the humanities and social sciences.

N E W M E D i A C U L T U R E S
A book series published by Sage, New Media Cultures critically examines emerging social formations arising from, and surrounding, new technologies of communication. It focuses on the processes, products and narratives that intersect with these technologies. An emphasis of the series is on the Internet and computer-mediated communication, particularly as those technologies are implicated in the relationships between individuals, social groups, modern and postmodern ways of knowing, and public and private life. Books in the series demonstrate interdisciplinary theoretical and methodlogical analyses, and highlight the relevance of intertwining history, theory, lived experience and critical study to provide an understanding of new media and contemporary culture.







A F T E R - L i F E A S A F T e R i M A G E: U N D e R S T a N D i N G P o S T H u M O U s F a M E
(Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 2004)

S o C i E T y O N L i N E
(Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 2004)

E N C Y C L o P E D I a O f N E w M E D i A
(Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 2003)

P O P M U Si C & T H E P R E s S: J O U R N A L I S m & P O P U L A r M U S I CcC R I T I C I S m
(Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2002)




T H E I N T E R N E T F O R E D U c A T O R s
& H O M E S C H O O L E R S
(Palm Springs, CA: ETC Publications, Inc., 1999)

D O i N G I N T E R N E T R E s E A R C H
(Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 1999)




C Y B E R S O C I E T Y  2.0: R E V I S I T I N G C M C &  C O M M U N I T Y
(Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 1998)

V i R T U A L C U L T U R E
(London: Sage Publications, Ltd., 1997)


C Y B E R S O C i E T Y
(Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 1995)

R O C K F O R M A T i O N
(Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 1992)




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