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White Canvas, New Hope, cassette, Office Records fil-91, 1986.
Tracks: disappear here/ the blue spark/ crystal/ michael writes his parents/copper/ fine and still line/ all about money/ parachute/sincerely charlotte/ white canvas new hope/ higher than heaven

This is out-of-print. Various tracks appear on other Area CD's, some in remixed versions. michael writes his parents and crystal are on Radio Caroline. Higher than Heaven, Sincerely Charlotte, and Parachute are bonus tracks on Radio Caroline. Disappear Here, The Blue Spark, and All About Money are bonus tracks on The Perfect Dream. Copper, and A Fine And Still Line are on the Area compilation Agate Lines.

Album Art: Lynn Canfield, Steve Jones


Radio Caroline, cassette/LP Office Records fil-101, 1987.
Side A: this one/ head above water/ sweet revenge/ michael writes his parents/ one desire
Side B: transmitter/ resistance/ long faces/ after the end/crystal

Radio Caroline, CD, C'est La Mort CLM-018, 1989.
Tracks: this one/ head above water/ sweet revenge/ micheal writes his parents/ one desire/transmitter/ resistance/ long faces/after the end/ crystal/ higher than heaven*/ sincerely charlotte*/parachute*

(* Bonus tracks on CD)

Radio Caroline, CD, Projekt Archive 16, July 7, 1998
Tracks same as CLM-018 (but better sound...and the artwork/graphics are improved).

Credits: Glenn Graham (sax on sweet revenge)
Kevin Crowley (bass on one desire)
All songs written by Area, except one desire by Area/Don Gerard. Don's name was accidentally left off the CD version.

Recorded in Champaign, Illinois.
Album Art: Carole Holly (speaking with the dead, cover photo)
April Filak (photos)


The Perfect Dream CD/cassette/LP, C'est La Mort CLM-006, 1988.
Tracks: 25/ with louise/ i'll gather flowers/ surrender to the wheel/sympathy/ why should i worry/ vigilant/ thread/ tunnel/as thick as thieves/ disappear here*/ the blue spark*/all about money*/ sisters of mercy*~

The Perfect Dream, LP, Third Mind TMLP28, 1989.
Non-US version of LP, licensed by Third Mind for Europe. It was distributed by Play It Again Sam (PIAS) and was available in Europe, Japan, and Australia. Same as CLM-006.

The Perfect Dream, CD, Projekt Archive 17, July 7, 1998
Tracks same as CLM-006 (but I'd swear this one sounds better too...and the artwork/graphics are improved).

(* Bonus tracks on CD)
(~ a Leonard Cohen cover, at the request of C'est La Mort chief Woody Dumas

Credits: Glenn Graham (sax and clarinet)
Nick Rudd (guitar on with louise)
K. Paul Boyev (bass on as thick as thieves)
All songs written by Area, except with louise by Area/Nick Rudd (an instrumental version of with louise appears on the Arms of Someone New Susan Sleepwalking album), and, of course, sisters of mercy, by Leonard Cohen.

Recorded in Champaign, Illinois.
Album Art: Martin Sorger/ Earwig Studio


Between Purple and Pink, CD/~, C'est La Mort CLM-021, 1989.
Tracks: anyway/ brave parade/ all there is*/ guessing game/ robin/what heaven is for/permafrost/rail*/ our corner drowning/blue moon/ we said/ dry spell*/ electroculture*/ filled

Between Purple and Pink, CD, Projekt Archive 19, February 1, 2000
Tracks same as CLM-021 (but more swearing that it sounds better too...and the artwork/graphics are improved).

(* Bonus tracks on CD)
(~ Although there are "bonus tracks" on the CD, plans for an LP/cassette version never materialized though test pressings were made.)

Recorded in Champaign, Illinois and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
Album Art: David Worrell, John McDougall


Fragments of the Morning, CD/cassette/LP, C'est La Mort CLM-031, 1990.
Tracks: puzzle boy/ the one year/ express/ green light/ all souls/larger then life/ about time/ at arms length/ subway/dead feather years/ lifeline*/ all souls (acoustic)*/express (extended)*

Fragments of the Morning, CD, Projekt Archive 20, February 22, 2000
Tracks same as CLM-031 (but still swearing that it too sounds better...and the artwork/graphics are improved).


(* Bonus tracks on CD)

Credits: Mel Eberle (acoustic and electric guitars)
Kris Krasnowski (background vocal on the one year)
Tiit Raid (percussion)
Tracy Bredeson (flute)
(Henry Frayne did not appear on this album)

Recorded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
 Album Art: Martin Sorger, Eric Fluke


Agate Lines CD/LP, Third Mind TMCD59, 1990.
Compilation album, tracks chosen by Third Mind's Gary Levermore:
Anyway (BPP), Michael Writes His Parents (WC, RC), I'll Gather Flowers (PD), Dry Spell (BPP), Parachute (WC, RC), Sympathy (PD), Filled (BPP), This One (RC), With Louise (PD), Guessing Game (BPP), All About Money (WC), Sisters of Mercy (PD), All There Is (BPP), A Fine and Still Line (WC), Tunnel (PD), Copper (WC)

Credits: with louise by Canfield/Rudd (differs from The Perfect Dream credits)
Album Art: Chris Bigg (design and calligraphy)
Beverley Carruthers (photography)

Note: LP version only contains first 12 tracks (but it's nice having the larger album art, which is itself practically enough reason to have the album). The version of copper on this CD is only "half" of the version on White Canvas New Hope.


Miscellanous Releases

Split Cassette: Area/Arms of Someone New, SJ Organization (France), 1989.
Area tracks: resistance (dance), to sir with love*, sweet revenge~
(* Cover of song from the 1967 film "To Sir with Love" starring Sidney Poitier and Judy Geeson. The character Lulu played sang the song in the film.)
(~ Unedited version. Track was orignally cut to fit on the Radio Caroline album, and this same cut version was subsequently placed on the CD version.)

This beast might be impossible to acquire. Catalog number unavailable.

Une Saison En Enfer (World Domination), CD, Third Mind, TMCD03, 1988.
Third Mind Compilation which contains i'll gather flowers (remix), which according to Henry, is much different from The Perfect Dream LP version. It shouldn't be. You decide.

Doctor Death's Volume Four, The Marvels of Insect Life, 2CD/LP/cassette, C'est La Mort CLM 029-2, CLM 029-B, 1990.
Contains a slightly different version of Green Light, which is available on the Fragments of the Morning. CD version has companion disc with instrumental music, but this extra disc does not contain an Area track.

From Across This Gray Land No.2, CD/cassette, Projekt PRO-29, 1990.
Projekt compilation contains remixes of Our Corner Drowning and Robin Song from Between Purple and Pink.

Excelsis: A Dark Noel, Projekt, PRO-62, November 1995.
Included Area's version of O Come Emmanuel. The song itself was recorded in late 1989, however, just after sessions for Fragments of the Morning were completed. In addition to this song the same session produced a cover of Everything But The Girl's Apron Strings, thus far unreleased. Kris provided a background vocal on the one year at around this time.

A Cat Shaped Hole in my Heart, Projekt, PRO-91, May 1999.
A drum-n-bass mix of "Too Far Away," a song from Area's forthcoming album.

Painted Dream, Losing Today, L002-CD, August 1999.
Includes the Cosmo Comfy Mix of "Too Far Away." Packaged with the second issue of Losing Today, a magazinee published in Italy.

Cherry Stars Collide: Dream Pop Shoegaze & Ethereal Rock 1986-1995, Cherry Red Records RCDBOX143, March 31, 2023
Includes With Louise in a rather stellar 4-CD compilation.


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