Family History

Area began in 1985 when Steve Jones asked Lynn Canfield and Henry Frayne to participate in a recording project. From there the trio recorded four or five albums (see the discography...) and went on extended leave in 1990. Lynn and Henry formed another band, Moon Seven Times, which recorded three albums and ended its career in 1998. Lynn then formed another band, Shotgun Wedding, with Brendan Gamble and others, and Henry has been busy with Lanterna, and signed recently with Rykodisc. Shotgun Wedding disbanded, and Lynn is writing and touring in Lynn Canfield & Hot Tub Party.

Meantime, Projekt Records, in 1998, reissued Radio Caroline and The Perfect Dream. Jones had begun writing music again in 1996 with Mel Eberle, formerly his bandmate in The Arms of Someone New, and asked Kris Krasnowski to join in. Kris had sung backing vocals on "The One Year" on the Fragments of the Morning album, and had sung lead vocals on O Come Emmanuel on Projekt's Excelsis: A Dark Noel CD as well as on Too Far Away (Drum 'n' Tabby Mix) on Projekt's Cat-Shaped Hole in my Heart (Lynn Canfield appears on that album too, in the Moon Seven Times, and solo on the Excelsis vol. 2 - A Winter's Song CD). Work is proceeding on a new song for a new holiday album, with Tracy Wise at the vocal helm, and with any luck someday, some way, there will be a new Area album. More news as it develops -- keep checking this site! 

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