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The Arms of Someone New formed in 1983 when Mel Eberle and Steve Jones almost coincidentally started making music alongside Mel's recording and writing for his band The First Things. Steve was managing them and helping with their recordings, and Steve and Mel had been getting together to demo Mel's songs, and they started collaborating, and...

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HA-C002, "Significant Others," 4-song cassette 1Dec83.

A: Hit The Pavement/A Separate Reality

B: Give God Some Praise/Whitefriars

Nick Rudd wrote lyrics and sang Whitefriars

HA-C003, "Occam's Razor," 6-song cassette, 1Feb84.

A: Renespeak/The Miracle Power/The Perfect Window

B: Oppression/Oppressed Dub/Carole

Rene Auslin spoke, Pete Govert played guitar on The Miracle Power

HA-C004, "Notes From Underground," LP-length cassette, 1Apr84.

A: The Lines On Your Face/This Old Country/Just A Feeling/Dream 1/Nothing Goes Unsaid 8/The Falling/Pieces

B: Dream 2/Shadowland/Nothing Goes Unsaid 2/Weltuntergangstimmung/The Lines On Your Face/My Friend

These first three cassettes were released on Hysterical Records, the label created by The First Things (initially Mel Eberle, Pete Govert, Steve Foster, Mike Majdic, Majdic was later replaced by Davin Carey) for their releases after they folded their first label Skid Records.

Subsequent releases by The Arms of Someone New are on Office Records (and have an "fil" prefix to the catalog number) unless otherwise noted).

SCREAM 001, Thirsty Ear/SCREAM compilation LP, 10Aug84.

The Spiral of Silence

The Arms of Someone New were invited to contribute a track to this, the first college radio "sampler" Thirsty Ear was releasing to promote bands.

fil-s006, 7-inch single, 20Aug84.

A: The Holy Dance

B: Whitefriars

Whitefriars is a remix of the track from the Significant Others cassette. Marian Kuethe plays lead keys on The Holy Dance. Everything up to the Susan Sleepwalking album was being recorded in a small apartment off of First and Green in Champaign, right behind Ye Olde Donut Shoppe and quite near Barnett's liquors (think about it).

fil-ep007, Burying The Carnival 12-inch EP, 28Jan85.

A: Transformation/The Spiral of Silence/Left To Right

B: Every Seventh Wave/Angel of the Odd/My Friend

Jacqueline Eberle, then only a few months old, is all over this EP. Nick Rudd wrote lyrics and sang on Every Seventh Wave. The version of My Friend is different than that on Notes From Underground. Transformation was a song Mel had written for The First Things, and that band had performed and recorded it.

fil-t008, "The Arms of Someone New" t-shirt, 1Dec84.

In the grand tradition of Factory Records, Office started giving catalog numbers to damn near everything it did. And there was a method to that madness, though it escapes us now.

fil-9, Untitled, 11 x 17 inch promo poster for fil-s006, 1Aug84.

Alternative Funk vol. 1 compilation, France, Audiologie #2, 1Mar85.

Cool As Christ


Tim Hanafee co-wrote, plays keyboards and sings.

fil-12, cassette, released free in Auhtistic Chainsaw Gazette #4, 1May85.

A: A Second At A Time/Balance

B: Seventy Years/Give God Some Praise (intermix)

Auhtistic Chainsaw Gazette was a fanzine based out of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

Walls of Genius cassette compilation #WoG0022, 29Apr85.

The Upstairs Room

"The Best of 'The Quaker Goes Deaf' vol. 6," cassette, 31May85.

The Spiral Of Silence

NOTE: Remix of version from Burying the Carnival.

fil-15, Susan Sleepwalking LP, released 9/16/85.

A: St. Catherine/The Fisherman/Song For Krista/With Louise/The Turning

B: Seven Days From Now/Karen Said/Rainbows/Susan Slept Here/A Turner Sky

fil-22. Two Sides To Every Story cassette, (one side by The Arms of Someone New, other side by DATA-BANK-A). Released 24Jun85.

A: (The Arms of Someone New)/Dear Friend/Anything But You/Say Goodbye/Despair/Resurrection


DATA-BANK-A was Andy Szava-Kovats' band, based in Boston(?), they may still be active?

Wireless Spine Review, Swinging Axe Productions compilation, released 20Jul85.

Pictures of Matchstick Men

fil/e-34, double cassette containing both "Significant Others" and "Occam's Razor," 1Aug85.

Remixed and remastered, released in Europe only on DDD Recordings.

fil/e-35, "Notes From Underground," 1Aug85.

Released in Europe only on DDD Recordings, 8/1/85

fil-42, "Everyday Life," performed at Magnetic Sound Sculptures #3, 27Oct85, at Mt. Potosi, NV.

Zamizdat Trade Journal Volume 4, compilation, released 1Dec85.

Bishop's Gate

"Ha! Ha! Among the Trumpets," compilation cassette, Sound of Pig Music, SOP 17, released 1Jan86

The Forest of Trees # 2


"Cat Scan," compilation cassette, Art Test Tapes, released 1Mar86

Both Eyes Closed

"The Tim Ski Project," compilation cassette, Tim Ski 4018, released 1Jun86.

In Between

"From Across This Gray Land," compilation cassette, Projekt PR015, released 14Jul86.

Carry The Day

The first collaboration with Projekt Records.

fil-72, Love Power & Justice cassette, released 28Jul86


A: Silhouette/Hollywood/No City Fun/Next Year In Jerusalem/Summer Dress

B: Your Evening At Home/The Sense of an Ending/Believe Me/Our Town/Everything At Once

In addition to Steve and Mel, numerous others helped out on this album, as follows: Lynn Canfield - Vocal; Henry Frayne - Guitar; Brendan Gamble - Guitar, Drums; Nick Rudd - Guitar, Vocal; Joe Strell - Bass. To an extent this is the nucleus of !Ack-Ack! and in some ways the second inkling of what was to become Area. By this point the song Uptown had been recorded, but was so unlike anything the Arms of Someone New were doing, and unlike Area was going to do, that its release was delayed.

fil-73, Better Than God compilation cassette, released 28Jul86

Radio Now /Uptown

Uptown featured Joe Strell (then of !Ack-Ack!) on bass, Tim Hanafee on keyboards, Glenn Graham on sax, and Lynn Canfield singing. The whole Office Records thing started to get really incestuous at this point, much to the benefit of the music you might say. This was the first inkling of Area, really, for it was around this time the music for the first two Area songs was recorded, The Blue Spark and Disappear Here, essentially just after finishing the Love Power & Justice album.

Sound of Pig Music compilation cassette, SOP #71 , released 1Dec86

Actor on the Wall

Co-written with Tim Hanafee. Tim plays keyboards and sings.

fil-103, Bigger Than God compilation cassette, released 1Feb87

Vietnam (Business is Business) /4 O`clock

fil-112, Black & White, cassette, released `1Apr87

A: Pirouette/Capetown Liberation/Wilderness/Velvet Summer

B: Cobblestone Gardens/My Friend/Knocking on Heaven's Door

Unable to leave it alone, My Friend is a different recording from previously released versions.

Testube Cassettezine "F", released 2May87

Radio Now

Audiologie, "Independant Psychedelic Trip" released 1Jun87 (in France).

Vietnam (Business is Business)

"The View From Below," compilation on Demented Mind Mill Tapes, Mesa, AZ, released 1Oct87

Hollywood/The Sense of an Ending

"In Chambers of Pollen," compilation on Epitapes, Boston, MA, released 30Nov87


"Ears to the Grindstone," compilation LP on K.O. City Studio (KO10), released 1Dec87

Next Year in Jerusalem

Remixed from "Love, Power & Justice"

"Warmth and Silence," compilation on Epitapes, Boston, MA, released 24Mar88

Nothing Goes Unsaid

"Melodic Tears," compilation cassettes on Orphanage, Phoenix, AZ, released 8May88

The Sense of an Ending/Shadow

"Wounds Never Heal," Harsh Reality Music compilation HR69, released 21Jun88


fil-233, 123, cassette, released 8Aug88

A: The Holy Dance/Whitefriars/Transformation/The Spiral of Silence/Left to Right/Every Seventh Wave/Angel of the Odd/My Friend/A Second at a Time/Balance/70 Years

B: St. Catherine/The Fisherman/Song for Krista/With Louise/The Turning/Seven Days From Now/Karen Said/Rainbows/Susan Slept Here/A Turner Sky

Contains "Holy Dance" single, "Burying the Carnival" EP, "Susan Sleepwalking" LP, plus three songs from fil-12. No remixing, editing, etc., it's just that the vinyl versions went out of print and re-pressing them made no sense.

"Rituals of Sleep" compilation cassette, on Epitapes, Boston, MA, released 15Aug88

Disruption Painting

"The Universe is the Messiah" compilation cassette, on Epitapes, Boston, MA, released 15Aug88

With Louise

"To Cull Undying Flowers," Epitapes compilation series, released 1Sep89

No City Fun

"Total Recess," Mystery Hearsay Cassettes compilation, released 1Sep89

She Disappeared

CLM/LP 008 The Arms of Someone New, Promise LP, released 1Dec88 on C'est La Mort Records.

A: Jacqueline/No City Fun/Hollywood/Blue Rain/Stars End

B: Barricade/Souvenir/Beacon/Another Heaven/Every Seventh Wave

No City Fun is remixed from "Love Power & Justice" and Hollywood is a different recording from "Love Power & Justice." Nick Rudd appears on Barricade, a remake of an old B-Lovers song, but does not appear on Every Seventh Wave, as he did on its first recording appearing on the Burying the Carnival EP. Another Heaven is the Arms of Someone New version of an Area song, What Heaven Is For (a version combining the two remains unreleased).

This was pretty much the end of Office Records, though a few more things were released by other bands, and the mail-order end of things kept going a few more years. C'est La Mort, run by Woody Dumas from his home in Baker, Louisiana, also came to an end a couple of years later. At the time of the Promise release Office had become largely unwieldy as an entity to both produce and distribute The Arms of Someone New and Area releases as well as music by other groups, and thus these two bands moved to C'est La  Mort.

CLM/EP 019 The Arms of Someone New, 12-inch single, released 27Feb89 on C'est La Mort Records.

A: Every Seventh Wave (intermix)/Every Seventh Wave (LP mix)

B: The Sense of an Ending/Everything at Once

The Sense of an Ending is a different recording from the one on "Love Power & Justice."

SJ Organisation, Area / The Arms of Someone New cassette, released March, 1989 in France.

A: (The Arms of Someone New) The Big Picture/The Far Cafe/Shadow/August/She Disappeared/Lady on Train/Summer Dress

B: Area

Summer Dress is an earlier version than that on "Love Power & Justice." This tape had some good stuff on it, by both bands (including Area's cover of To Sir With Love. Good luck finding it...

CLM/CD 008 The Arms of Someone New, Promise CD, released 18Jun89 on C'est La Mort Records.

Same as LP except bonus tracks: "Collage" and The Sense of an Ending

R24 The Arms of Someone New, Susan Sleepwalking CD, released 11Jul00 on Projekt Records.

Includes all of Susan Sleepwalking, Burying the Carnival and The Holy Dance 7-inch.

Thank you, Sam! Couldn't have done it without you.

R24 The Arms of Someone New, Love Power & Justice CD, released 11Jul00 on Projekt Records.

Includes all of Love Power & Justice plus: The Sense of an Ending (4-track version), In Between, Summer Dress, Radio Now, Hollywood (CD version), Uptown, Cool as Christ


Homework #10 - Hyped to Death CD #70, released 01Mar04.

Left to Right

Lots of other interesting D.I.Y. and experimental bands on this CD (one in a series...the names of the bands on this one start with the letters A, B and C).

For a discography of unreleased material, see




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