Virtual Culture Table of Contents

Introduction, by Steve Jones, University of Tulsa

The Internet and its Social Landscape, by Steve Jones, University of Tulsa

The Individual Within the Collective: Virtual Ideology and the Realization of Collective Principles, by Jan Fernback, University of Colorado

Virtual Commonality: Looking for India on the Internet, by Ananda Mitra, Wake Forest University

Structural Relations, Electronic Media, and Social Change: The PEN Public Electronic Network and the Homeless, by Joseph Schmitz, University of Tulsa

Why We Argue About Virtual Community: A Case Study of Phish.Net Fan Community, by Nessim Watson, University of Massachussetts

Gay Men and Computer Communication: A Discourse of Sex and Identity in Cyberspace, by David Shaw, University of Colorado

Virtual Community in a Telepresence Environment, Margaret McLaughlin, Kerry Osborne and Nicole Ellison, University of Southern California

Re-fashioning the Techno-Erotic Woman: Gender and Textuality in the Cybercultural Matrix, by Dawn Dietrich, Western Washington University

Approaching the Radical Others: The Discursive Culture of Cyberhate, by Susan Zickmund, Augustana College

Punishing the Virtual Other, Richard MacKinnon, University of Texas-Austin

Civil Society, Political Economy and the Internet, by Harris Breslow, York University