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Greetings -- on this site you'll find information about Area, a band formed in 1985 by Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne and Steve Jones. If there are other things you'd like to see here, e-mail and we'll set to.

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NEW! Area albums are now available at the iTunes Music Store! Click the White Canvas New Hope image below each album for iTMS Area access!

White Canvas New Hope
Radio Caroline
The Perfect Dream
Between Purple & Pink
Fragments of the Morning
Radio Caroline
Area - The Perfect Dream
Area - Between Purple & Pink


Projekt celebrates its 200th release with this limited edition 3-CD set. Begun in 1983, Projekt is America’s premier independent label specializing in passionate, intense music in the darkwave, shoegazer, dream-pop, ethereal & ambient genres. 32 songs including some brand new tracks recorded exclusively for PROJEKT200.

Link to Projekt Records to purchase CDs by Area and the Arms of Someone New

Go to the Projekt/Archive Web site at

Link to CDNow to purchase CDs by Area,
the Arms of Someone New, Lanterna, Moon Seven Times, Projekt Records artists 


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